Welcome to 800 Court St
This 2-unit multi-family has been become a Single Family 2500 sq ft home.
It will reflect an appraised value of $245,000. But the property taxes will be based
on the purchase price. Saving you $$$$$$$$ year after year as long as you own
it. Scroll down and view the work in progress~~~~
Former Laundry Room- Before Photo
New Dining area -Service Bar- After Photo
View the before and after photos of an amazing transformation from an old multi-family 2-Unit
Apartment back to a single family home. This home is located in St. Joseph's third phase of Mr.
Jorgensen's community revitalization program. The program's discipline has recently been adopted
by Whirlpool Corporation and is called
"Building Blocks." Whirlpool is the single largest corporate
sponsor of Habitat for Humanity and took this program to Nashville in 2006, Phoenix 07, Dallas 08
and Atlanta in 2009.
Former Dining room- Before Photo
Red ladder leans against  former hidden
staircase- behind a wall torn down to create
the new L-shaped service station.
New Kitchen/Dining Room- After Photo
Old dark brown kitchen cabinets were torn
out from kitchen of upper level apartment -  
Freshly painted and installed to create the  
new dining room service station.
Before photo of the place I will
guess the stove and oven will be
Wow, I think we found the
perfect place for our new stove
Before- old kitchen sink and cabinets removed
After- New Kitchen Sink-and refurbished cabinets installed
If you look close, to the left of the
door that will become a pantry, you
will see wallpaper dating back to
the 1800s. The wallpaper above
the door dates to the 1920s.