What is Ecohousing ?
Smart growth, urban sprawl, farm land preservation, sustainable
development, neighborhood preservation, brownfields/greenfields,
saving inner-cities, walkable communities and now ecohousing?
Abstract thinking has led
us to treat the natural
environment as if it
consisted of separate
parts. We have extended
this fragmented view to
our human society,
dividing it into different
nations, races, religious
and political groups. The
belief that all these
fragments ~ in ourselves,
in our environment, and
in our society ~ are really
separate has alienated us
from nature and from our
fellow human beings. To
regain our full humanity,
we have to regain our
experience of
connectedness with the
entire web of life.
Reconnecting with the web
of life means building and
nurturing sustainable
communities in which we
can satisfy our needs and
aspirations without
diminishing the chances of
future generations. Being
"ecoliterate," means
understanding the
principles of organization
and using those principles
for creating sustainable
human communities.
Through the 1980's and 90's Pete Jorgensen Real Estate was
instrumental in the process of revitalizing the Silver Beach
neighborhood here in St. Joseph, Michigan. In Buchanan, MI we
sold the abandoned Clark Equipment headquarters to American
Electric Power (AEP) for their Nuclear Division, relocating them
from Columbus, Ohio.  Most recently we sold the historic Fidelity
building in the downtown area of our sister city Benton Harbor,
saving it from the wrecking ball. Our mission is to continue this
work, and incorporate it into your planning so that you too, will
share this wonderful experience of harmonious living here in
"Michigan's Great Southwest"
where we are
"into the business of life."
Fidelity Building, Benton Harbor
Goodyear Tire Co.  Benton Harbor
    "After"   2005
Goodyear Tire Co.  Benton Harbor
V.N. Pete Jorgensen II,
Ecohousing USA, Ltd.
Southwestern Michigan
Fidelity Building, Benton Harbor
  "After"   2003
2009 ~~ The above building is located at the entrance to the
"New Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Community" and
the "Benton Harbor Art District"