This "Old House"...The birth of a "New Home"
Benton Harbor's Pipestone
Street was the scene of a dozen
or more mansions.
One of those mansions was built
William E.Sheffield
It is numbered among those that
have survived the trials and
tribulations of urban blight and
high utility costs. Some survived
by becoming multi-family
dwellings with interior walls
thrown up and inner doors
sealed to provide homes for
greater numbers than they
originally sheltered. Today some
of those mansions are becoming
single family homes once again.
On this page we feature
Mr. Jorgensen's Benton Harbor
"Eco" house 2004.
Today's Sheffield House
As these pictures
illustrate there's a ton
of work to be done,
although previous
started the
restoration project
there are thousands
more hours of work in
store for the dedicated
new homeowners.